Monday, 23 January 2012

Agaroth the Unwashed

Agaroth the Unwashed © Trevor Hammond 1983

Printed dimensions: 125mm * 170mm

First Publication: White Dwarf 45 October 1983 p. 1 - Games Workshop Mail Order Ad.
Location: Unknown
Archive file: 6000px * 8000px Greyscale TIFF

The following description and gaming statistics for Ugbash appears in the article White Dwarf Personalities by Phil Masters and Steve Gilham (White Dwarf 50)

Agaroth the Unwashed (AD&D) 10th level half-orc fighter; Age 37; AC5; STR: 18/80(+2/+4), INT 4, WIS: 6 DEX: 11, CON: 18, CHA 6 (ugly put persuasive).

Equipment: Filthy Leather Armour, Blood Caked Cleaver (treated as Scimitar) Mis-shapen shield, Ring of Sure Cutting (see below)

Agaroth the Unwashed is nasty. We mean really foul. Think of the nastiest person you know, double it, add bad manners, and Agaroth is still much worse. If we told you the nices thing Agaroth has done in the last year, you wouldn't want to eat for a week. Urrghh! Just thinking about ut makes us feel ill. Agaroth not only eats babies, he doesn't wash his hands afterwards.

Agaroth wears leather armour so caked in unspeakable filth that it improves his Amrour Class by one. Anyone else trying to use it would have to save vs. poison every round or pass out from the fumes. It's probably magical, but who wantsto know? He also wears a ring he once stole from an old man that allows any weapon he carries to hit any creature that can only be affected by +3 weapons.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Phase Sword

Phase Sword © Trevor Hammond 1986

Printed dimensions: 66mm * 66mm  
First Publication: Warlock #9 April/May 1986 p. 18  
Location: Unknown   
Archive file: 3180px * 3222px Greyscale TIFF

Friday, 6 January 2012


Demonrise © Trevor Hammond 2011
Location: Collection of the Artist
Archive file: 1644px* 2337px Greyscale TIFF