Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ugbash Facesplitter

Ugbash Facesplitter © Trevor Hammond 1983

Printed dimensions: 140mm * 170mm

First Publication: White Dwarf 41 May 1983 p. 1 - Games Workshop Mail Order Ad.
Location: Unknown
Archive file: 6614px * 5904px Greyscale TIFF

The following description and gaming statistics for Ugbash appears in the article White Dwarf Personalities by Phil Masters and Steve Gilham (White Dwarf 50)

UGBASH FACESPLITTER (AD&D) 9th level human fighter; Age 35 AC4; HP70; Alignment: Lawful evil. Str: 18/85 (+/2+4); Int 11; Wis 12; Dex: 12; Con:16 Cha:14. Equipment +2 Footman's Flail, +1 2-Handed Sword, +2 Scale Armour, 3 doses Potion of Human Control, 3 Doses Philter of Persuasiveness, Ring of Warmth, Periapt of Wound Closure, Dagger. Case: 50-300gp.

Slavelord, master warrior, executioner, a being so arrogant that he barely admits to his own humanity, Ugbash, known as Facesplitter...  "Ugbash Facesplitter terminates your ramblings man-slave!"

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